Vandal Resistant Dispensers For Correctional Facilities

In correctional facilities, your job is to protect the people inside. They provide a place for people to get a second chance to learn how to lead an honest life. As such, these places must be clean and well-taken care of to give people the best chance at a new start.

The problem comes when you are trying to maintain the grounds of the prison, especially the bathroom. If these facilities are already a hot spot for vandalism, those in correctional facilities like jails and prisons are the most expensive and difficult to maintain. The monthly cost of replacing or repairing bathroom units to keep the space clean and safe in these facilities is exponentially large. That does not make the maintenance costs of prison and jail facilities any cheaper.

General bathroom units are the easiest to break, vandalize, or contaminate. When broken or out of the refill, it could cause health issues for your inmates. The initial cost is relatively low, but as time goes on, the amount you purchase will increase the monthly maintenance cost for your facility by a lot. Also, since other bathroom units are made cheaper, soap can be contaminated by heroin addicts when they clean their needles.

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The OPS Vandal Proof Difference

Correctional facilities need products that will stand up to the vandalism the room faces. OPS Vandal Proof bathroom dispensers are indestructible and ligature resistant, so you can maintain your facility properly without replacing everything monthly. The OPS mounting system that each of our products uses keeps inmates from being able to rip them off the wall completely. The soap, towels, and tissues are locked behind 10-to-16-gauge stainless steel, so no one can break inside to get the refills. Each product uses the same key and locks, making installing refills easier for your maintenance staff. Ordering OPS Vandal Proof products will lower maintenance costs and time. Order yours today!

Vandal Proof Dispensers For Correctional Facilities

Made From 12 to 16 gauge stainless steel!

Vandal Proof and Tamper Proof Soap Dispenser
Best Vandal Proof Paper Towel Dispenser
Vandal Proof Toilet Tissue Dispenser

Tamper Proof Soap Dispensers For Correctional Facilities

Soap is a key part of restrooms. No one wants to leave the bathroom with germy hands. In correctional facilities where inmates live in incredibly close proximity, having bad soap dispensers that run out quickly is a breeding ground for disease. That is why your facility needs OPS Vandal Proof.

We have liquid hand soap models used for various purposes; we have refills for foaming hand soap, hand sanitizer, and hair and body wash. These refills are also a lot bigger than the competition. Where other soap refills only have 600 activations per refill, ours gives you 2500 activations, which will help you save time and money as refills are changed a lot less.

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Is Your Dispenser Secure From Vandalism

NSF E-2 Rated

Commercial Antibacterial Foaming Soap Refill

SKU 1405-02G

Hand, Hair, and Body Foaming Soap Refill Pouch
OPS® Hand/Hair & Body

SKU 1405-04G

NSF E-3 Rated

Instant Hand Sanitizer Refill Pouch For Commercial Dispensers
OPS® Instant Hand Sanitizer

SKU 1405-03G

Safer Choice Listed

Eco Friendly Foaming Soap Refill For Commercial Use
OPS® ECO Friendly Soap

SKU 1405-05G

Because of our OPS Hand / Hair & Body foaming soap, which functions as shampoo, body soap, shaving cream, and hand wash, your inmate’s showers can also have OPS products to make your job easier. Order your own today!

Indestructible Hand Towel Dispensers

Paper towels allow inmates to dry their hands and give them a protective layer against germs as they leave the room. We always recommend having multiple paper towel dispensers in your restroom. You should at least have one near the sinks to dry hands, and one near the door, to protect against germs on the handle.

Vandal Proof offers two models: one that holds 350 towels and another that holds 1000. Both of these are tamper- and ligature resistant and securely mounted with the OPS wall mounting system. They also limit the number of towels that someone can get at once. The paper towels are specifically designed to fit the average person’s hand, which will help limit litter and wasted towels.

The most important feature of our hand towel product line is its fire resistance. Our paper towel models are uniquely designed to snuff out any fires before they reach the inside of the unit, protecting the refill and preventing the fire from worsening. Ensure your facilities are safe from vandals and fire.

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Tamper Resistant Toilet Paper Dispensers for Correctional Centers

Toilet paper dispensers face many of the same problems as paper towel units. However, vandals can easily access the toilet paper in restrooms to clog sinks, toilets, and drains, which will cost you more in monthly maintenance and could cost you a fortune in water damage.

OPS Vandal Proof’s toilet paper holders are designed to keep vandals from having a field day in your restroom. They have the same fire-resistant technology as our other products, hold two 800-sheet rolls, and only dispense one 2-ply sheet at a time. Our refills are also septic-system safe, saving you and your maintenance staff a lot of time. Avoid vandalism in your restroom facilities with Vandal Proof’s unique products!

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Vandal Proof Dispensers for Correctional Facilities

See The OPS Vandal Proof Difference For Yourself

The time and money you and your staff spend on maintenance should be as limited as possible. The OPS bathroom dispensers are the best way to do this. Our unique designs allow the soap, paper towel, and toilet paper in your restroom to be safe, clean, and always available. Avoid contaminated and wasted refills and order your very own tamper proof bathroom dispensers today!

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