Vandal Proof Bathroom Accessories For Homeless Centers

The homeless population presents unique challenges when it comes to handling bathroom vandalism and toilet paper theft. Not only does it affect public facilities, such as park bathrooms, but it also affects homeless shelters. Many of these shelters serve the community with limited budgets, so every dollar has to go as far as possible toward providing for others.

Paper theft is one of the most common problems at homeless centers, with individuals often stealing several rolls for use on the street. This can lead to increasing costs and eat away at tight budgets. Poor hygiene can also lead to contaminated dispensers and dangerous, unhygienic needles from drug use. Thankfully, there are solutions to this problem that can help both shelters and public restrooms from continued vandalism.

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The OPS Vandal Proof Difference

OPS Vandal Proof offers a range of tamper-resistant bathroom accessories, including toilet paper dispensers, soap dispensers, and paper towel holders. All products are ligature resistant, too, and indestructible with a unique mounting and lock system to discourage vandalism. The specialized mounting system prevents any person from tearing dispensers off walls, leaving costly structural damage. To make it more convenient, all dispensers use the same key, which makes it easier to manage access to the unit. No need to worry about losing or mixing up a key.

Our stainless-steel exteriors also prevent soap and soap refills from becoming infected or tampered with by others. Ensure the safety of everyone who uses these facilities.

Vandal Resistant Soap Dispensers For Homeless Shelters

Our soap dispensers come with a variety of soap and hand sanitizer refills to fit your facility’s needs. With our products, each pack provides 2500 activations per cartridge, which is more than those usually found on the market. Most competitors only offer 600 activations per refill. This can lead to waste and a need to constantly replace these refills.

On average, our cartridges need to be refilled much less frequently, usually four times less than our competitors. Tamper-proof features also help avoid any potential vandals from purposely creating waste by spilling soap on the floor or around the bathroom. Avoid potential contamination through needles, too, with the stainless-steel exterior. Cut down on time and money spent on cleaning and maintenance.

NSF E-2 Rated

Commercial Antibacterial Foaming Soap Refill

SKU 1405-02G

Hand, Hair, and Body Foaming Soap Refill Pouch
OPS® Hand/Hair & Body

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Instant Hand Sanitizer Refill Pouch For Commercial Dispensers
OPS® Instant Hand Sanitizer

SKU 1405-03G

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Eco Friendly Foaming Soap Refill For Commercial Use
OPS® ECO Friendly Soap

SKU 1405-05G

You May Not Know This About Dispensers

Is Your Dispenser Secure From Vandalism

Anti-Vandal Paper Towel Dispensers

Keeping a clean and sanitary facility is important for anyone in charge of a homeless center or public space for the homeless. Like any other person, the homeless need something to dry their hands and avoid touching unsanitary surfaces. Dispensers placed near sinks offer convenience for people drying their hands, and placing an extra dispenser near the door also allows them to touch door handles without spreading any bacteria.

Just like our OPS soap dispensers, Vandal Proof’s paper towel dispensers are virtually indestructible, securely mounted, locked, and ligature resistant. Unlike traditional paper towel holders, ours dispense one at a time, so no one person can pull out dozens of paper towels and make a mess. This feature reduces the amount of cleaning and maintenance time needed, freeing up time and money for you to focus your efforts and budget on other amenities.

We offer two models for your convenience: one holds up to 1000 individual sheets, while the smaller model can hold up to 350 towels. Choose which one fits your needs best. Our refills are also uniquely designed to fit the size of the average adult’s hand, which means fewer partially used paper towels that can lead to further waste.

Volunteers and other staff who might worry about vandalism with fire can rest assured our dispensers prevent that, too. Their design is created specifically to snuff out any fire before it ignites any of the refills inside the dispenser. This saves money on refills and the potential cost of replacement should the dispenser be unsalvageable.

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Vandal Proof Dispensers For Your Homeless Centers

Made from 12 to 16 gauge stainless steel! Heavy Duty!

Vandal Proof and Tamper Proof Soap Dispenser
Best Vandal Proof Paper Towel Dispenser
Vandal Proof Toilet Tissue Dispenser

Tamper Resistant Toilet Paper Dispensers For Homeless Centers

The Vandal Proof toilet paper holder features a stainless steel body with the same durable, heavy-duty mounting system. Facilities managers can use these to prevent waste, potential vandalism, and theft of entire toilet paper rolls. This saves staff time spent cleaning and refilling these dispensers. Flame-resistant technology also prevents potential fire damage and vandalism.

Each unit only dispenses one 2-ply tissue sheet at a time, preventing anyone from tearing out an entire roll and using it to vandalize the bathroom facility by flooding the toilet or ruining the floor. It also helps cut down on the number of rolls stolen by the homeless population. Each unit can also hold up to 800 sheets, with two slots to reduce the chances of empty dispensers.

Our refills are septic-tank safe and have no cardboard core, cutting down on paper waste and maintenance time. This also helps cut down on potential vandalism. Avoid clogged toilets or dirty bathrooms and save on refills.

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Homeless centers and facilities managers often face the uphill battle of balancing a tight budget with vandalism. With Vandal Proof dispensers, you can save time and money! Heavy-duty stainless steel exteriors and a secure mounting system prevent vandals from making a mess and causing further damage. Other features also make sure to cut down on potential contamination and fire danger. Choose the right ones for your homeless center today!

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