Vandal Resistant Shampoo Dispenser

Vandal Proof Shampoo Dispensers
  • DIMENSIONS: 10.75” (H) 6.5” (W) 4.5” (D)

Keeping your employees or others clean is incredibly important when you run facilities with overnight programs. Without regular access to shampoo and body soap, the people in your facility will end up stinky and utterly miserable. Not to mention the sickness that can spread if people don’t clean themselves. However, overnight facilities can often struggle with potentially violent residents who may vandalize the bathroom. This means store-bought disposable shampoo bottles won’t work. You need something a lot more heavy-duty.

Finding a tamper-proof shampoo dispenser for these facilities can be incredibly difficult. This is why OPS Vandal Proof offers hand, hair, and body refills for our industrial, stainless-steel soap dispensers.

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The OPS Vandal Proof Difference

OPS’s Vandal Proof dispensers are the cutting-edge solution for protecting your bathroom against vandals. The patented commercial soap dispenser features an industrial-grade stainless-steel shell. This makes them indestructible. They’re specifically designed to be ligature-resistant, meaning anyone staying at your facility for longer than a night won’t be able to harm themselves on the dispenser.

You don’t need to worry about your dispenser being ripped off the wall by residents, either. The OPS mounting system is built to withstand a lot of abuse from vandals. These dispensers are also so airtight that not even a needle can puncture their defenses. This stops drug addicts from contaminating the shampoo with dirty needles.

The Hand, Hair, And Body Refill

Your facility’s showers, locker rooms, and baths need to have a good-quality product that can be used to wash both hair and body. You may have tried to resort to normal bottles of shampoo, body soap, and shaving cream, but without an industrial-grade metal shell, the bottles end up wasted and broken. With our product’s stainless-steel shell, you won’t have to worry about your dispensers getting destroyed.

When you choose the OPS shampoo dispenser, you get all the benefits of high-quality shampoo with the best safety features on the market. You also get higher-capacity refills. Each of our refills has 2500 activations per refill. Not only that, but the refill is designed to be used as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and shaving cream. It is all you need to have a functioning shower in your overnight facility.

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Hand, Hair, and Body Foaming Soap Refill Pouch
OPS® Hand/Hair & Body

SKU 1405-04G

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Keeping your bathroom in working order can be difficult with an overnight facility. Vandals will try and damage every part of your bathroom; without the right protection, they may succeed. The OPS Vandal Proof line of commercial, indestructible, stainless-steel shampoo dispensers will ensure your bathroom remains functioning. Order your very own tamper-proof bathroom accessories today!

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