Vandal Proof Bathroom Products For Food Processing Plants

Food processing plants, especially those involved in processing meat or other raw products, are important to keeping our grocery stores, restaurants, and other places stocked with food. This makes it all the more necessary to keep the environment clean and sanitary, to avoid the potentially dangerous contamination of our food sources.

It does not matter how good a soap or hand sanitizer is if the dispenser is constantly breaking or broken. A food processor employee’s hands will not be washed or washed well if the soap receptacles do not do their job. Not only that, but many dispensers on the market make it far too easy for a disgruntled employee to vandalize or destroy these units, incurring further costs and time spent on maintenance. With Vandal Proof products, any plant manager can cut down on these potential issues and save their operation time and money!

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How Vandal Proof Makes A Difference

OPS Vandal Proof will be the last dispensers any plant manager will ever need to buy. Even in high-use or destructive environments, these units hold up to heavy usage and they’re approved by the National Science Foundation (NFS). All our products are ligature resistant and feature indestructible mounting systems and heavy-duty stainless-steel exteriors. They also require no batteries or electricity, so no need to worry about the unit potentially breaking due to disruptions in power.

Our unique mounting system prevents dispensers from being torn off the walls, causing further damage and vandalism, and locks keep them from being forcibly opened. Once locked, the unit is hermetically sealed, which cuts down on potential contaminants. To make it more convenient for plant managers, all our units use the same key, making it easier to manage access.

Heavy-duty exteriors also prevent soap and soap refills from becoming infected or being tampered with by potential vandals or careless employees. Keep your facilities and employees clean with Vandal Proof dispensers.

Tamper Resistant Soap Dispensers For Food Processing Plants

Like all our available products, our hand soap dispenser is indestructible, even in high-use environments. Manufactured with 12-to-16-gauge, high-grade stainless steel, once installed, this unit can be securely locked, and operates without the need for power. It is also simple to clean, further cutting down on maintenance times.

Our units come with a variety of commercial grade soap and hand sanitizer refills to fit your plant’s needs. Each pack provides 2500 activations per cartridge, more than double of what other standard refills offer. Most soap refills only provide 600 activations. In the long run, this costs you time and money spent on ordering cartridges and maintenance.

The soap is foaming, fragrance free, and antibacterial. It is quaternary based, with non-ionic surfactants for the best hand and skin cleaning available. The OPS AB is NSF E-2 rated for use in all food processing plants. It even works well with sensitive skin.

NSF E-2 Rated

Commercial Antibacterial Foaming Soap Refill


Hand, Hair, and Body Foaming Soap Refill Pouch

OPS® Hand/Hair & Body

NSF E-3 Rated

Instant Hand Sanitizer Refill Pouch For Commercial Dispensers

OPS® Instant Hand Sanitizer

Safer Choice Listed

Eco Friendly Foaming Soap Refill For Commercial Use

OPS® ECO Friendly Soap

If your plant needs hand sanitizer, our 70% alcohol-based product gives far more protection against pathogens than our competitors. For achieving the best clean, our sanitizer foams to get into all the cracks and crevices of your workers’ hands, including underneath the fingernails.

For a tougher hand sanitizer, consider the Instant Hand Sanitizer, which kills up to 99.99% of bacteria, is alcohol-free, and non-flammable. It contains the active ingredient Benzethonium Chloride 0.1%, which is less drying to the food handlers’ skin, does not stain clothing, and is fast acting without the need for water or towels. It is rated E-3 by the NSF.

OPS Vandal Proof cartridges need to be refilled less frequently, on average four times less than the leading competitors. Tamper-proof features also prevent vandals or reckless employees from potentially contaminating or wasting the soap. Cut down on dangerous and unsanitary soap residue on floors and other surfaces. Our Hand/Hair & Body foaming soap does not leave soap scum and contains skin and hair conditioners so your employees’ hands do not dry out. With any of our products, you can expect a reduction in maintenance and cleaning time.

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Is Your Dispenser Secure From Vandalism

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Vandal Resistant Paper Towel Dispensers

The main goal of any plant manager is to keep their processing plant clean and safe. Not only is it for the benefit of the employees, but the customers who will eventually buy the product as well. Dispensers placed near sinks and near the door to the bathroom can help employees thoroughly dry their hands and avoid touching unsanitary surfaces.

These dispensers are also indestructible, securely mounted, locked and hermetically sealed, and ligature resistant. Unlike traditional paper towel dispensers, OPS units dispense one towel at a time, preventing anyone from pulling out multiple towels and making a mess. This also helps reduce maintenance time and prevents potential workplace incidents.

Vandal Proof Dispensers For Your Food Processing Plants

Made from 12 to 16 gauge stainless steel! Heavy Duty!

Vandal Proof and Tamper Proof Soap Dispenser
Best Vandal Proof Paper Towel Dispenser
Vandal Proof Toilet Tissue Dispenser

For those concerned about fire safety, our units also include a feature that prevents fires from catching any of the refills inside the dispenser. Flames are snuffed out before they can cause further damage. This can also save money on refills and the potential cost of replacement.

We offer two models, one that holds up to 1000 individual sheets and one that holds up to 350. Our refills are designed to fit the size of the average adult’s hand, too, cutting down on the number of partially used paper towels creating more waste.

Indestructible Toilet Paper Dispensers For Food Handlers

The stainless steel exterior offers superior protection and durability when it comes to toilet paper dispensers. Our patented mounting system prevents units from being easily broken or torn off walls, and the locking system prevents contamination and potential toilet paper theft. Flame-resistant features also prevent fire hazards. This will save staff time and money spent on cleaning and maintenance.

Each receptacle dispenses one 2-ply tissue sheet at a time, which reduces waste and prevents anyone from tearing out an entire roll. They also come with no cardboard core, further cutting down on paper waste and potential vandalism or theft. Each unit can hold up to 800s sheets, and two slots help reduce the chances of empty dispensers. Save time on maintenance and cleaning in your food processing plant.

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Sanitation is key to running a successful food processing plant. Food handlers and other employees need to be able to maintain the standards set forth by various government authorities, which can pose a challenge. With OPS Vandal Proof, plant managers can save time and money while ensuring their plants meet the high-quality standards. With indestructible and hermetically sealed exteriors, keep employees healthy and safe. Buy OPS Vandal Proof and never have to buy another dispenser again!

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