OPS Vandal Proof Replacement Parts And Accessories

Indestructible, vandal-proof dispensers are essential for any publicly accessible restrooms and facilities. They keep staff and others safe while discouraging potential vandals from ruining the bathroom. This is why keeping them functional is important. When you need the right parts and accessories to keep our dispensers working as they should, OPS offers a range to meet your needs.

Key and Lock Sets


  • #XLG-2-19
  • 10 sets per pack
  • 2 keys and hardware per set
  • $96.30 per pack of 10 locks
  • For use in all areas, “except Showers”

This lock is used in most OPS dispenser applications.  

The external “brass pin” visually designates it as a brass lock.

The lock is the size of a US nickel at its widest point.

(For Locks used in showers, please look below at the OPS Stainless Steel Shower Lock section.)

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Brass Lock Set for Dry Environments
Brass Lock Closeup


  • #YSL-1-23
  • 6 sets per pack
  • 2 keys and hardware per set
  • $96.30 per pack of 6 lock sets
  • For SHOWER and other WET areas

Recommended for use in Shower Stalls or in other High Humidity areas.

The external “Silver Pin” visually designates it has a stainless steel internal mechanism.

The lock is roughly the size of a US nickel at its widest part.

Note: The lock Cam that is already in your dispenser may be a better fit than the cam that is included in this set. 

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Stainless Lock Set for Wet Environments
Stainless Lock Closeup


  • #WK-1-18
  • 12 sets per pack
  • 2 keys and hardware per set
  • $99.84 per pack of 12 sets
  • For use in pre-2017 OPS dispensers

This small dispenser lock is for older OPS Dispensers, pre-2017.

It will not fit any other unit, model, or brand. Use to replace old or worn locks in pre-2017 OPS dispenser models.

The lock head, not including the anti-ligation collar, is smaller in diameter than a dime.

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Replacement Dispenser Keys

Click the specific image below to place an order for package of keys. Each package includes 10 keys.

Lost keys to your OPS dispenser unit? Order replacement and extra keys. Each pack comes with 10 keys. We offer replacements for both larger black newer and smaller white pre-2017 versions of our bathroom dispenser models.

Small White Keys

For the small white keys, please contact Archer through the Contact page tab on this website

Dispenser Eyebrow Kits

Click the specific image below to place an order for your specific dispenser eyebrow kit. Each kit comes with the white plastic installation spacer and installation instructions. Dispenser is not included in your purchase of an eyebrow.

For additional security and protection for your OPS bathroom dispenser, order an eyebrow kit. This add-on continues to improve our already ligature-resistant design. It also protects the upper corners from potential damage. Each kit comes with installation instructions in the package. Choose the right one for your model: soap dispenser or paper towel dispensers. Dispenser not included.

Images below show the optional eyebrow installed with the respective dispenser.

Commercial Soap Dispenser
Standard Commercial Paper Towel Dispenser