Suicide Resistant Bathroom Dispensers

When you’re in charge of maintaining a behavioral facility, park, or public place, safety is non-negotiable. Every nook and cranny of the facility or public park you manage must be free from risks. Ensuring safety in a facility or park’s visible and high-traffic areas is easy. However, it’s a different story for areas where suicide risks are high — the bathroom. 

The bathroom is where many unseen suicides take place. Individuals can use everything at their disposal to commit suicide, including the bathroom dispensers for soap or paper towels. However, there is a solution — our suicide-resistant bathroom dispensers. 

At Vandal Proof, we have meticulously designed every suicide-resistant bathroom fixture to help facility and park managers like yourself ensure safety. Made from heavy duty stainless steel, our dispensers are ligature-resistant and remain intact to lower tampering risks. Choose Vandal Proof and experience a new level of public safety in any area you manage. 

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Ligature-Resistant Bathroom Dispensers

One of the ways individuals attempt suicide is by ligature strangulation. Ligatures can be attached to various fixtures in a bathroom, from the paper towel dispensers to a high soap dispenser by the sink. 

At Vandal Proof, we design our bathroom dispensers for seamlessness and tamper resistance. Our dispensers have a seamless design that gives ligatures no anchoring point. As a result, the risks of ligature strangulation will drop significantly. 

Unparalleled Tamper Resistance

By tampering with a bathroom dispenser, suicidal individuals can give themselves an anchoring point for belts, rope, or any ligature. Also, individuals can self-administer dangerous substances by opening soap dispensers. 

Our suicide-resistant bathroom dispensers are tamper-resistant, ensuring that only you can open and close them. Every soap, paper towel, and toilet paper dispenser has a keyhole located on top. Only staff or facility managers with keys can open the dispensers, preventing tampering.

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Vandal Proof Dispensers

Made From Heavy Duty 12 to 16 gauge stainless steel!

Vandal Proof and Tamper Proof Soap Dispenser
Best Vandal Proof Paper Towel Dispenser
Vandal Proof Toilet Tissue Dispenser

Aesthetics and Functionality

Meticulously designed and crafted, Vandal Proof bathroom dispensers add a layer of safety, functionality, and aesthetics to any bathroom or public facility. Each dispenser has a seamless design that prevents tampering and matches virtually any bathroom surface. Also, each dispenser is the product of detail-focused machining and manufacturing. This makes our dispensers easy to install and use. 

How Our Suicide-Resistant Dispensers Benefit Your Facility

You can look forward to the following benefits with our dispensers in your park or facility’s bathrooms. 

Improved Safety

Each dispenser comes with a seamless design that prevents individuals from anchoring ligatures. Also, you can bet that nobody can contaminate the contents of our dispensers due to their tamper-proof features. 

Reduces Maintenance Costs

Our suicide-resistant bathroom dispensers are built to last. Made with 12 to 16-gauge patented stainless steel, our dispensers can withstand frequent use and stay on every bathroom wall for years. 

Minimal Liability 

By choosing a product famous for safety, you reduce all liabilities on your part. Every dispenser is a tangible sign of your commitment to improving public safety and minimizing suicide attempts.

Order Now and Elevate Your Facility’s Safety

We offer ligature-resistant bathroom dispensers that can minimize suicide risk and your maintenance costs. Elevate your facility or public park’s safety by ordering from Vandal Proof today.

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The Anti-Ligature and Suicide-Resistant design characteristics of OPS Products are not intended to replace or substitute the need for necessary supervision of those who may be at risk, or for other necessary protective measures to be taken in the specific circumstances of usage.  Archer Manufacturing Inc. does not offer products for sale as being “ligation-free” or “suicide-proof”  and will not be liable for any claims arising from ligature attachment on its products or self-harm from one of its products.  It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the products purchased and installed are suitable for the environments in which they are installed.