Vandal Resistant Dispensers For Gas Stations

Gas stations offer a place for people to refuel their cars, grab snacks, and, if needed, relieve themselves. They should be clean and well-maintained, and the bathrooms of these areas are no different. It takes a lot of work to properly maintain these facilities, though.

Public bathrooms are hotspots for vandalism, and gas stations are a perfect example of this. Everyone with a car needs to use these areas, and for people who are traveling, they are the only bathroom to stop at for miles. These spaces should be clean and safe for customers, but maintaining bathroom accessories is extremely difficult to do when vandals keep tampering with your bathroom dispensers. 

The cost it takes to maintain these private spaces adds up over time. Broken soap dispensers may seem like a small cost, but the more people break them, the more those costs build up. Not only that, but broken fixtures will make your gas station feel much more unsafe, making people less likely to come there again. Bulk dispensers are also breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria, and they can also be used by addicts to clean their heroin needles. 

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The Difference OPS Vandal Proof Makes

What your gas station needs are sturdy bathroom accessories that will stand up against people trying to break them. OPS Vandal Proof bathroom dispensers are here to help you maintain your bathroom facilities without having to replace them every month. All of these products are indestructible and ligature-resistant. The advanced OPS mounting system also prevents people from ripping the accessories off the wall. They can easily be securely locked, as each product uses the same key to allow inside access. This means the contents are securely locked behind heavy-duty stainless steel, so no one will be able to contaminate or steal the cartridges inside.

Vandal Proof Dispensers For Gas Stations

Made From 12 to 16 gauge stainless steel!

Vandal Proof and Tamper Proof Soap Dispenser
Best Vandal Proof Paper Towel Dispenser
Vandal Proof Toilet Tissue Dispenser

Tamper Proof Gas Station Soap Dispensers

Our commercial soap dispensers can hold any of our soap or hand sanitizer refills. Each of these refills dispenses 2500 activations, which is more than our competitors. Most other cartridges for soap dispensers only hold around 600 activations per refill, so not only will OPS help you save money on buying new supplies, but they will also help you save time on loading new refills with their high capacity products. This means your janitorial staff will save time by switching out refills four times less than before. 

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Is Your Dispenser Secure From Vandalism

NSF E-2 Rated

Commercial Antibacterial Foaming Soap Refill

SKU 1405-02G

Hand, Hair, and Body Foaming Soap Refill Pouch
OPS® Hand/Hair & Body

SKU 1405-04G

NSF E-3 Rated

Instant Hand Sanitizer Refill Pouch For Commercial Dispensers
OPS® Instant Hand Sanitizer

SKU 1405-03G

Safer Choice Listed

Eco Friendly Foaming Soap Refill For Commercial Use
OPS® ECO Friendly Soap

SKU 1405-05G

Your vandal proof soap dispenser refills are also locked securely behind heavy duty stainless steel, meaning no drug addict can slip their needles into the soap cartridge and contaminate the whole refill. This product is the perfect solution for gas station bathrooms. 

Vandal Proof Paper Towel Dispensers 

An integral part of gas station restrooms are the paper towel dispensers. Paper towels give your customers something to dry their hands on, as well as protect them from unwanted germs on door handles. We always recommend having two in your bathroom: one next to the sink and the other near the door. That way your customer’s needs are met, whether they are drying their hands or protecting themselves from germs. 

These dispensers are locked, indestructible, securely mounted, and ligature-resistant, meaning you do not need to worry about people tampering with or stealing your paper towels. They also restrict the amount dispensed to one, as opposed to other models that allow people to grab dozens of paper towels at a time. This saves you money on paper towels and reduces maintenance time, as your refills will last longer. 

OPS offers two models, one which holds 1000 individual paper towels and another that holds 350. Whatever your gas station needs, we have you covered. Our sheets are uniquely designed around the size of the average adult’s hand. This means fewer half-used paper towels will be thrown away alongside completely used ones. 

OPS’s unique design also snuffs out any fire before it can ruin the paper inside the dispenser or cause a larger fire. This saves money on refills and ensures your customers and business are safe from fires started in the bathroom. 

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Gas Station Tamper Resistant Toilet Paper Dispensers

The toilet tissue dispenser we sell comes with the same stainless steel body and fireproof technology that our paper towel dispensers feature. They also come with the same mounting system, meaning they won’t be torn off the walls. 

Gas station owners can use these to cut down on waste and maintenance time. They only dispense one 2-ply tissue sheet at a time, meaning vandals cannot destroy your bathroom, clog sinks, or clog toilets by tearing an entire roll out of your dispenser. They hold a total of 800 toilet paper sheets with two slots, lowering the chances they will run out on a customer in the middle of them doing their business. 

The refill packs we use are septic-system safe and do not have cardboard cores. This gives your staff one less thing to worry about while doing maintenance. Avoid clogs in your toilets and sinks with our amazing products.

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Maintenance time should be limited as much as possible. Save your gas station time and money with the OPS Vandal Proof bathroom dispensers. Their unique designs give you less things to worry about and keep people from ruining your bathroom for other customers. With our products, you can avoid contaminated soap refills, fire damage, and extra waste. Order your own Vandal Proof product today!

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