Vandal Proof Bathroom Accessories For Schools

School bathrooms get a lot of heavy use, but this also comes with high rates of vandalism. This leads to a continuing need for ongoing maintenance, equipment replacement and the occasional full renovation. School facility managers also face the challenge of keeping these washrooms clean and functional while balancing a limited budget.

Unfortunately, vandalism can be difficult to police in many cases because it happens out of sight, whether within the bathroom itself or inside a stall. This makes vandal-resistant equipment the first line of defense for a facility manager and their budget. Though school washrooms cannot be categorized into a single specification, there are a variety of solutions that apply no matter the type of school: elementary, middle, high school, college or university.

Consider who uses the restrooms the most, the most common types of vandalism, and what could be done to prevent these damages from occurring. This can especially help target some of the worst of the vandalism, and with tamper-proof accessories, cut down on the amount of maintenance and replacement costs.

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Why OPS Vandal Proof Is Different

OPS Vandal Proof offers a variety of vandal-resistant bathroom accessories, including paper towel holders, toilet paper dispensers, and soap dispensers. All of our products are indestructible and ligature resistant, and feature our unique mounting and lock system to discourage vandals. Our mounting system tremendously deters anyone from tearing dispensers off the walls, leaving structural damage. For added convenience, all our dispensers use the same key, which makes it easier to manage access. No need to worry about mixing up keys!

Vandal Proof Dispensers For School Bathrooms

Made From 12 to 16 gauge stainless steel!

Vandal Proof and Tamper Proof Soap Dispenser
Best Vandal Proof Paper Towel Dispenser
Vandal Proof Toilet Tissue Dispenser

You can also avoid soap contamination with our stainless steel exteriors that protect soap refills from becoming infected or otherwise tampered with.

Vandal Proof Soap Dispensers For Schools

With our soap dispensers comes a variety of soap and hand sanitizer refills to perfectly fit your needs. Each pack and dispenser provides 2500 activations per cartridge, unlike others on the market that, on average, only provide 600 activations per refill. This can lead to waste and a need to constantly replace soap cartridges.

NSF E-2 Rated

Commercial Antibacterial Foaming Soap Refill

SKU 1405-02G

Hand, Hair, and Body Foaming Soap Refill Pouch
OPS® Hand/Hair & Body

SKU 1405-04G

NSF E-3 Rated

Instant Hand Sanitizer Refill Pouch For Commercial Dispensers
OPS® Instant Hand Sanitizer

SKU 1405-03G

Safer Choice Listed

Eco Friendly Foaming Soap Refill For Commercial Use
OPS® ECO Friendly Soap

SKU 1405-05G

Our cartridges need to be refilled less frequently, on average up to four times less than other products. Tamper-proof features also prevent potential vandals from creating waste that otherwise ends up on the floor. Cut down on cleaning time and maintenance.

You May Not Know This About Dispensers

Is Your Dispenser Secure From Vandalism

Anti-Vandal Paper Towel Dispensers For Colleges

Paper towel dispensers are a necessary part of maintaining a clean and sanitary school restroom for students and staff to dry their hands or use to avoid touching unsanitary surfaces. Placing the OPS High Capacity, 1000 sheet dispenser near sinks allows people to dry their hands while having our standard towel dispenser near the door allows students and staff to touch door handles without spreading bacteria.

Like our soap dispensers, Vandal Proof’s paper towel dispensers are indestructible, securely mounted, locked, and ligature resistant. Towels are dispensed one at a time, unlike with other dispensers that allow a person to grab as many as a dozen paper towels with one dispensing. This feature reduces the amount of maintenance needed, whether that includes cleaning up paper towel waste or refilling the dispenser. It also helps you save money on buying paper towels.

There are two models to choose from: one that holds up to 1000 individual sheets and another, smaller model that holds 350 paper towels, whichever fits your school’s needs the best. Our refills are uniquely designed to fit the size of an average adult’s hand, which leads to fewer partially used paper towels in trash receptacles that otherwise increase the cost and time spent on maintenance.

If your school’s bathrooms suffer from fire-based vandalism, we have you covered there, too! Our specially designed dispensers snuff out any fire before it burns any of the refills inside the towel holder. This will save you money on refills and the cost of replacement for your paper towel holders.

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Tamper Resistant Toilet Paper Dispensers For Learning Institutions 

OPS Vandal Proof’s toilet paper holder also features a heavy-duty stainless steel body with the same indestructible mounting system. School facilities managers can use these to prevent waste, cut down on maintenance, and discourage vandalism. Save money on time spent cleaning and refilling these dispensers. Flame-resistant technology also keeps the dispensers from suffering damage or leading to dangerous situations.

Our models only dispense one 2-ply tissue sheet at a time, preventing potential vandals from tearing out an entire roll and using it to vandalize the bathroom or flood the toilet. Each receptacle can hold 800 sheets, with two slots to reduce the chances of an empty dispenser.

The toilet paper refills are also septic-tank safe and do not have a cardboard core, cutting down on paper waste and maintenance time. This also makes it great for preventing students from trying to use an entire roll to trash the entire restroom. Avoid those clogged toilets and save on refills with our products.

All OPS Dispensers Protect From Liquid Such as Water or Urine

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Buy Tamper Resistant Bathroom Dispensers

The National average cost to replace a single dispenser, not including the dispenser cost is $200.00 in labor.  This makes choosing OPS Vandal Proof bathroom dispensers for your learning institution the easy choice. On average our products pay for themselves within 3 months are start saving you money in month 4 of use.

School facilities managers face a challenge when it comes to maintaining their school’s restroom facilities and balancing the books. With Vandal Proof dispensers, you can save on time and money! Our unique designs, heavy-duty stainless steel exteriors, and features help prevent vandals from making a mess in your school bathrooms and causing further damage. No need to worry about contaminated soap, unnecessary waste, or fire damage with our tamper-resistant products. Get the right vandal-resistant products for your school’s restrooms today!

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